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Theme = School Year

Every school year MindWorks introduces a new theme. Each of the exciting and age-appropriate year-long themes open the door to an exciting series of theme based units.

Project Based Learning StudentKit = 9 Weeks

Each year MindWorks develops four theme-based kits and one summer kit that keep students engaged as they learn! Each kit, designed to cover nine weeks of learning, encourages critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving through hands-on fun!


                                                               Students will participate in a different subject each six days:

After School Curriculum Class

  1. Math Matters (Math)
  2. Around the World (Social Studies)
  3. Art in Action (Art) only for elementary
  4. Exploration (Science)
  5. Bring on the Books (Reading)
  6. Spreading the Word (Language)
  7. Career Builders (Careers) only for middle

Project Based
Learning ?

The nuts and
bolts of our
component, PBL

Who is it for?
MindWorks Resources has created after school products appropriate for both Elementary and Middle School students. All of the after school enrichment that MindWorks provides includes teacher guides complete with objectives based on the common core standards, pre- and post- tests, comprehensive PBL components, plus materials kits for hands on learning. All you need to do is open the box and get started!


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At MindWorks Resources, we know how kids’ brains work! The diverse team of experts in our Dallas based organization specialize in language development, literacy, and learning styles in children. For over a decade, we have used the skills of amazingly creative educational experts to develop hands-on, interactive, educational materials that engage students in multi-sensory learning experiences. Since our founding, the focus of MindWorks Resources has been on teaching children the way they learn through implementing researched based techniques in fun and exciting ways.