How Kids Learn

Standards Based

Standards Based

Aligned to national and state standards
MindWorks Curriculum Kits align to national and state standards to ensure support of school-day learning.

Standards Based


Active learning ensures engaged students
Behavior problems are lessened and attendance is improved when learning is hands-on and fun! Students are engaged with out-of-the-ordinary materials in learning that happens by doing.

Standards Based

Project Based Learning

Optional PBL module connects daily learning to a larger project
Our optional PBL module applies learning to successful completion of a student-led project. The module outlines steps to successful completion of a unit project every six weeks. Many PBL final projects involve family interaction, too!

Standards Based

21st Century Learning Skills

Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication!
Students using MindWorks Curriculum Kits have opportunities to collaborate, think critically, be creative, and communicate purposefully each day!

Standards Based


Use science, technology, engineering, and math in all units!
Lessons from MindWorks Resources incorporate S.T.E.M. learning through inquiry, reasoning, and content from science, math, and engineering with appropriate use of technology.

Standards Based

Social Emotional Learning

Help children manage themselves and build empathy
When appropriate, MindWorks lessons involve opportunities to promote the competencies in self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Standards Based

High-Quality Activities

Activities support the healthy development of students
Written by experts in the education and afterschool fields, units from MindWorks resources provide a well-rounded variety of activities that support the physical, social, and cognitive growth and development of all students.


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At MindWorks Resources, we know how kids’ brains work! The diverse team of experts in our Dallas based organization specialize in language development, literacy, and learning styles in children. For over a decade, we have used the skills of amazingly creative educational experts to develop hands-on, interactive, educational materials that engage students in multi-sensory learning experiences. Since our founding, the focus of MindWorks Resources has been on teaching children the way they learn through implementing researched based techniques in fun and exciting ways.